December 25, 2008

Christmas Snow...

T has noticed that she has a tendency to put exclamation marks in her title, so she decided that today she wouldn't do it. Oh she was so tempted. I mean come on...T is 29 years old and has never had snow on Christmas, until this year! Oh jeez, the exclamation point snuck itself in anyway.

I am typing this blog from my desk at Nanko, the sun is reflecting off of Suwako into my eyes. It is toasty warm in my office but I am still rockin my hat and fingerless gloves... because lets be honest...there is snow outside...I get to wear my hat.

This morning was magical, P came upstairs after his bath with a cup of coffee for me and the greatest Christmas present ever. He pulled the curtains then the Shoji and my world had magically transformed into a winter wonderland.

I got to wear my wellies to school and peddling my bike through about 2 inches of fresh pack with my polka dot boots on really lifted my spirits. Everyone was moving a bit slower. As I peddled I passed packs of obasans sweeping the snow off the street, elementary school students forming their first snowballs of the season, and a much diminished number of cyclists, as most folks opted for two feet or four wheels this morning. My bike paths were nearly deserted and it felt like I was biking through a frosted gingerbread village.

Now there is coffee brewing and my office is deserted. T finished grading the late journals and now have some free time to study Nihongo. As T sits happily at her sunny desk she wishes the skies would cloud up once more and bring her some more powdered sugar to play in.

Two days ago the holiday was feeling pretty grey and gloomy to TP but the world has been washed in white and they are staring down the front of a seven day vacation. They have great plans to celebrate a late Christmas/ early New Year/ Anniversary in Kyoto. Having celebrated the birth of Christ, the greatest gift ever given to mankind, TP are ready to welcome their New Year.

T's mom shared a beautiful thought with TP in their Christmas card, and while it is a sentiment that T is stealing from her wise momma, it is heartfelt as she throws it out all of her friends who read this: 'Though I may not be close enough to wrap my arms around you, I am wrapping you in love.'

All our Love,

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