December 25, 2008

Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas from Japan! P is currently at work and T is tucked back up under the Kotatsu. She went out for a bit just to see what Christmas felt like in Japan, and, well, this Christmas feels rainy. This morning after she saw off P and all of his gingerbread house supplies she tucked up under the Kotatsu and called her family. Her little sister A decided a video call was in order and T thoroughly enjoyed watching her mom freak out as she saw T on the computer screen. She was also freaking out a little too, it has been 5 months since she has seen anyone from home. It was wonderful to see the family Christmas tree!

TP are used to some fairly unconventional Christmases. Of the three Christmases they have spent together, P was working 2 of the years, once several thousand miles away, so a half day and gingerbread houses is really fairly relaxing. T's plan for Christmas dinner is 'shake n' bake' pork chops, rice and a lovely salad she picked up at Ogino yesterday. She also bought a half bottle of sparkling wine just in case TP feels like cutting loose this evening.

Tomorrow is the last day of work before the beginning of winter vacation. TP will be out of school until the 4th of January. YAY! Hopefully there will be more interesting news to report on soon!

<3 TP

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