December 16, 2008

I don't want to go to school!

No matter how old you get, somethings stay the same. For T it is an absolute refusal to leave the warm cocoon of her bed every single morning. As her father reads this he will probably think to himself "No joke!" and be grateful that the responsibility of getting her to school on time is a responsibility that now falls at the feet of P. 'Poor P', or maybe I should say 'Lucky T'...

This morning was a classic example of why T should live in tropical climates at all times. There was a light sprinkling of snow on the ground and the alarm sounded at 6:45. P got up and made a dash downstairs to turn on the heater and start the bath water before returning to the warmth as the bath filled. After that T's memory becomes foggy...she must have fallen back to sleep. All she remembers is stumbling downstairs at 7:20 into a cold bath after discovering that her coffee maker failed once again. The coffee was made, just it hadn't drained into the pot. This is when all who know T breathe in a collective sigh of 'Poor P.' P in trying to speed up the coffee process put hot water in the reservoir, which meant the water moved up into the grounds too quickly, flooded the bag of grounds, clogging the percolator tip...oops.

Fear not, as T sat moping in her bath Knight P came to the rescue and brewed her a fresh pot. He really is T's hero, have you seen him? He is very handsome. Alas, this morning was just a little too much for T and P. They are ready for the weekend, but it's only Wednesday.

As we near the shortest day of the year TP become mindful of how draining darkness is. It's okay to not want to get out of bed. It's okay to not want to go to school. But, if we didn't get up and keep going the darkness would win. We would miss out on seeing our students, and lets be honest, we're here because we love these fresh-faced, over-styled, sometimes sullen young ones.

Sure enough as T peddled onto campus this morning one of her students was rushing in too and they smiled, co-conspirators, challenging the bell for every last second of freedom before the school day started.

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