December 18, 2008

It's Friday!!

T is so very ready for this weekend. While she is happy to report that TP's week did improve after the coffee maker disaster on Wednesday. Well, actually, T's week improved, I'm not so sure about P. His week has been going okay from the beginning.

T is currently sitting here at her desk enjoying a brilliantly sunny view out over Suwako. The clouds are non-existent today so she has a clear view of Yatsugatake's snow capped peaks, and boy does T have itchy feet. It is like she is back in school again as a student, not a teacher. All T wants is to hear that final bell and peel out of school on her bike.

Alas, teacher T is not nearly as lucky as student T once was, she will probably be at school until the sun sets, if not later. Thank you debate. Tonight is her team's final practice before they venture off to the National tournament and so despite wanting to skip on the kids, she can't. Besides, T bought them new lucky 'keitai straps.' Five glittery four-leafed clovers, four pink and one green are waiting to be attached to cell phones and carried to debate as talismans. T hopes her kids know that she really is rooting for them, despite grumbling internally about loosing most daylight hours to debate practice during their season.

This weekend is already stuffed to the gills for TP. Their 'to do' list has reached into the 20s, but most of it should be fairly quick and painless, its the things they have forgotten to put on the list that will be a real challenge...and trying to drag P away from the computer...that takes quite considerable energy! Oh just thought of another item for the list...bugger...

This rather confused missive is just a shout hello from T to all of you on this beautiful Friday afternoon...much love from Okaya!

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