December 16, 2008

They're Alive!

Hi all. I am sorry. I am a terrible blogger. Now you know why I was a little hesitant when Mom suggested I try this. Well, I have been grading journals all day and I am now officially bored. I have read 42 letters of apology and man I am so grateful that I have my computer at work today and an empty staff room to sit here and type this quick hello.

So we've been living the Nihongo way for four months now. In many ways it feels like we have been here for ever and then in other ways it feels like we have just arrived. Mr. P and I have mastered the laundry system - we send it out with a service instead of attempting to dry it at home.; we have a standing of 2 dozen bagels a week from a great local bakery; we have mastered the Japanese art of bathing in a square tub and we have embraced a rice based diet. On the flip side we are still learning to balance work obligations and a healthy home life.

So far this year has given us the gift that we came here for, a new adventure together. As the Christmas holiday approaches I am hopeful that the pace of life continues and that we get out a bit more and start exploring this crazy place. Be patient, I will catch the blog up, there are so many ideas and observations that I want to share with you all, I will create space to begin putting finger to keyboard.

This is all for now, just a short plea for clemency because I need to get to class in about 20 minutes and I need to create the worksheet that I will be using.

Happy Holidays from Japan!
T and P...otherwise known as TP

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