April 15, 2009

cherry blossom dreams

We had a good day today. It all began when I peaked out past the shoji screen in our bedroom and saw mounds of bright white cotton candy pouring over the hills against a perfect Carolina blue sky. Thank goodness. Yesterday it rained. It was a cold spring rain that threatened to ruin sakura season in our part of the world. ManInCharge is still skeptical, muttering the whole way to work this morning that his Thursday night hanami {cherry blossom viewing party} was ruined by the sheer number of perfect pink petals beneath our feet. I am more optimistic.

The sakura in our corner of Japan peaked on Sunday. It was a beautiful fine day for picnicking under the blossoms. We, alas, did not. Instead we walked the Minowa Dam. We were hoping to find a stand of cherry trees close to that miraculous example of perfect Japanese engineering and design that sits in the middle of nowhere and holds back a tiny little puddle of water. Alas, there were no blossoms, just acres of barren deciduous trees that had not yet warmed their bones enough to sprout their spring coats. Oh well. We were at least pleasantly surrounded by solitude, a rare treat on this over crowded island populated by millions of amateur photographers and naturalists.

We are going to try and soak in the beauty of the sakura blossoms on Saturday, but the season is short and we have already lost the peak viewing time, but with that passage, we have also watched the never ending lines of tour buses pass through our Japan northward towards the next area to peak. A few green leaves, some late bloomers and a little more breathing room suits me just fine.

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