April 4, 2009

Sunday Morning Musings...

Today is a day for treats. Sundays are always a day to rest and relax in our family, but this Sunday is bittersweet. Let me tell you why as my coffee brews. {Remind me to tell you about this later...}

I don't know why, but my last day of vacation always puts me in the mindset of a school girl {what am I going to wear to school tomorrow? et al.}. I suppose that is a logical place for a teacher to feel the Sunday before her first day of a new school year, but I always find it odd to feel the same feeling that I felt every August for 13 years of my life.

Anyway, back to the treats...as I write this my home {read: dump, but it is only $65.00 a month, and we had little to no choice about this location, both MIC and I would gladly pay more for 1st world accommodation} is filling with the aroma of fresh brewed Cafe Verona. ManInCharge chuckled as he wrapped himself in his robe, pleased with the fact that I had declared 'Oh! I will get up with you, I want special coffee!' He thinks I don't like his coffee, but this is not true, I love his coffee, but...he's not a coffee drinker, so its always a bit...watery. I have no idea how this is even possible, we had tutorials and I made an instructions sheet. Despite this I love his coffee because he has made it for me and that lovely gift overrides any weakness in the brew itself. Sometimes, a very rare sometimes...I just get the willies for stand your hair up and wake up your mother on the next continent strong coffee. Today was one of those days.

[Intermission: I need to pour myself a cup of this delicious Joe before it burns. Here's a nice photo of ManInCharge and a deer in Miyajima to keep you occuppied while you wait on lil old me. Aren't they both so durn cute?]

Mmmmm....sorry for the longer than expected delay. I decided to cut off that nice crusty end bit of a loaf of french bread and pat on some butter. Oh my goodness, happiness is strong coffee and buttered bread.

To tell you the truth, ManInCharge doesn't have a level playing field. I use a different bean for my 'special' coffee days than my regular coffee days. I am the only one who knows where I stash my coffee, odd, I know, considering I am the only one who drinks coffee. Let me tell you, the Starbucks is in the freezer. The daily brew is in a can next to the coffee maker. ManInCharge doesn't understand these different methods of storage. I have to keep some by the coffeemaker or MIC can't find it, but I am not going to spoil delicious coffee that I pay an arm and a leg for {$45.00 for three bags}. The coffee I leave out is Lavazza, not too shabbie either, a tasty lil' Italian espresso grind bean. If I dip below this level and buy the standard supermarket variety I end up with cloudy mud in the pot.

ManInCharge indulges my addiction. He is such a good husband. Since we arrived, he has bought me two coffeepots, a thermos and a travel mug. He makes me feel like a princess the way he dotes on my coffee-addict needs. Every time I come home with sub-par beans {the guilt creeps in every couple of months and I buy the mud beans} he chastises me and makes sure I know that it's okay to spend my former monthly shoe budget on my coffee. {He reminds me with a smile on his face that my feet are too big to buy shoes here, so it's just a budgetary shift.} He is so good to me, he really is, sometimes a girl just wins the lottery. Today I feel like I have won. It is a beautiful Spring Sunday, the sun is shining, I am putzing around with ManInCharge in our fluffy robes and my coffee was so tasty! I am wishing you the same for your Sundays in about twelve hours.

Here's a photo of my first and second stage coffee operation. Simple drip coffee pot and thermos to keep the excess warm. I have moved on in 9 months...but this is where we started.

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