May 31, 2009


oh my goodness! the movie was too good for good that I had to eat my third, that's right, t.h.i.r.d., banana of the brought me right back to my film study days on the Heights where I inexplicably chose film classes that were centered around Japan {one of the reasons we are here} and Westerns {no explanation there}. ManInCharge enjoyed himself immensely and I well... I am over the moon thrilled with this movie. Oh why didn't I accidentally press the 'buy this title' button?!?

goodnight. happy sunday. i hope you all have a blessed week.

*footnote: do not take my ringing endorsement of this movie as a recommendation for the faint of heart. It is gratuitous in its violence and fairly nonsensical. However, for me, it was an excellent pick for Sunday Night Movie Night.

1 comment:

sarah said...

I LOVE sukiyaki western django!!!! It was AMAzing!


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