May 31, 2009

oops...I didn't mean to do that...

What's a girl to do on 6:30 on a Sunday evening but share her folly with the rest of the world. Dinner has been cooked and eaten. The dishes are undone, but seriously...who wants to do dishes? In celebration of having a relaxing, fun-filled weekend we decided to have Sunday Night Movie Night.

Movie Night is getting challenging in this household...even when all parties are consulted and best intentions are heart felt. Tonight...I messed up this basic rule of thumb...whoops. {I can't explain, it's really a huge whoops moment for me!} I just messed this one up royally!

Since we are planning a two week stay in Thailand this summer, we {correction...I} figured that we should find a Thai themed pick this evening. While I was finishing up some stray lesson planning for tomorrow ManInCharge was upstairs searching and searching. Neither one of us had much desire to see Bangkok Dangerous {original or remake}, the Beach or that drug smuggling one about the two girls with Claire Danes. This made our Thai themed English language selection process pretty much impossible.

ManInCharge was dutifully trying to find another selection when I hopped on itunes downstairs {I had relocated my computer for a multi-tasking session of dinner making & lesson planning}. For some reason I decided to check out a movie titled Sukiyaki Western Django. It looked flippin hilarious. It combined multiple loves of Team Cotey: sukiyaki {ManInCharge}, spaghetti westerns {me}, Quentin Tarentino {ManInCharge}, the action genre {teamcotey} and finally Japan {teamcotey}.

When ManInCharge popped downstairs to inform me that my expectations for a 'good Thai themed movie' were unreasonable given the parameters of our personal and combined tastes along with the limited availability on itunes, I decided to share the trailer hilarity that had me snickering in my seat. Click.... "hmmm," I thought, "that's weird. Usually when I click the 'view trailer' button it starts playing right away." Whoops. I clicked 'rent this title' with my clumsy fingers.

In this democracy we call marriage unapproved movie selection is a huge OH NO SHE DIDN'T. But I did. ManInCharge laughed his tail off at me. He forgave my jumpy trigger finger and simply stated "Oh well, looks like I'll enjoy this one more than you." {He's right you know...anything endorsed by Quentin Tarentino is a sure fire disaster for this sillygirltree.}

We have eleven minutes left on the download. I promise to report if I get violence induced whiplash from this one. Sometimes technology is just all too convenient for this little lady. I'll leave you with this final image to keep you interested.

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