May 28, 2009

Wanna know what is going on? Here's what...

Spring has sprung in our corner of Japan. Here is a shot from a hanami date that ManInCharge and I had in Okaya. I was lucky to catch these blooms because the rain started the next day and washed all of our local blooms into Lake Suwa.For those of you who are wondering... I am still staring at my feet when it comes to my {shhh...} tendency to drift without purpose. With the support of ManInCharge finally I have set a very achievable medium term goal. {I have also managed to heap on some exciting and insanely far reaching long term goals...but more on that later.} I have committed to exercising three times weekly for three months. Its a baby step I know, but considering consistency has never been my strong suit...I figure a goal aimed at regularizing fitness would be a good one. And I am happy to report that while I am still toe gazing ... my toes can be found in my running shoes come rain or shine...{ least three times a week for three weeks so far ;)}
In other news I finally made it to Fujisan. My dear friend came to see me and selflessly put up with a whirlwind tour of Japan. She was here with me and I am so glad I waited to see Fuji with her for the first time. This summer ManInCharge and I will summit the lonely mountain. I am looking forward to the trek! The rainy season is fast approaching. We are experiencing weekly downpours which are making all shoots and leaves green. I love watching the new life that comes after winter.
Another memory from my dear friend's visit: Kyoto Tower at sunset. Kyoto Tower is a personal obsession of mine and I love this image that I managed to snatch as the light was changing from day to night.
Here's a quick update on ManInCharge. He has cut his hair and looks quite handsome with his Springtime 'do. All is well in the world for MIC, especially now that his lady is less lethargic.
The photo of ManInCharge was taken at Daio Wasabi farm, the largest wasabi farm in Japan. Who knew such a wonder was in our own backyard?
Finally, the promised update to my original coffee rig shot. I now have a drip coffeemaker {acquired for my birthday back in November}. Of course the machine only works when someone remembers to start it. I am blessed with an amazing husband who often brews my joe for me. It makes me smile that he gives me this gift every morning. I think that the effect caffeine has on my mood makes him smile.

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