June 1, 2009

...bananas are my favorite friends...

This is a short and sweet and potassium filled public service announcement.


When I was a kid I would pass up a banana for any other fruit under the sun, but for some reason I have grown into a firm fondness of these creamy pale yellow fruits. I am averaging between one and four bananas a day at the moment. This addiction is rapidly developing into a disease. Oh! Yummy! While still not my *favorite* fruit bananas are rapidly becoming my most constant companion. How can you not love a fruit that comes in its own biodegradable wrapper? {While I have not quite stooped to my mom's level of sticking hard boiled eggs still shelled in my purse as an excellent anywhere pick me up, I rarely leave home without a banana in my bag.}

And so you have reached the end of my rave review of the week. Bananas, try them out! Oh they are delicious!

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