August 15, 2009

bananas update...

A while back I posted about my absolute adoration of bananas. I love them because they are delicious. I love them because they are the only fruit that I can buy in Japan year-round {except for that brief 'banana diet' craze last fall when importers couldn't meet consumer demand}. I also love them because ManInCharge sings a song and does a dance about bananas for his students {and me whenever I eat them}. Have you ever seen MiC sing and dance? It really is the most fantastic sight. I think I increased my banana eating simply because of his song. "Go Bananas, Go, Go Bananas..."

...Oh wow am I getting a bit sidetracked. This was to be a quick blog post about the rewards of professing my love for bananas on my blog and now I am encouraging you to witness a ManInCharge cabaret...

So, back to the point.

The point.

Oh yes, now I remember. The day after I posted my ode to the creamy deliciousness that is a banana I went to a new grocery store and I was dually rewarded by finding a bunch of 16 bananas for under 300 Yen. {That's less than $3.00, for 16 bananas...I ate them all...} Here they are in all of their beauty...finally I uploaded the photo!
{I went to said grocery store because there was a Subway sandwich shop in it...hello, Turkey sub? I want to eat you. It has been a year since I ate turkey lunch meat. I was so excited. So excited in fact that I ordered a Veggie Delight for myself...nice move SillyGirl...}

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