August 17, 2009

Teacher Work Days

Well, we went back to school today. There was no oversleeping in this house. Coffee was made, showers were had, clothes were put on, garbage was taken to the collection point.

We did better than on a regular Monday.

There is something liberating about being the third person at school and not having any students. I really like teacher work days.

Of course I thought this until I got to my office. The entire first floor of my building is being rebuilt and the absence of all teachers on my wing had me wondering if I was safe working away three floors up. My office looked like a frat party had been going well until the wee hours of Sunday morning. I share an office with two batchelors. {One of whom is still on vacation, so the mess was the product of one Japanese man.}

There was power, but no functioning internet. Infact there were pieces of seven {yes, 7} semi-functional computers where one almost broken one had been. My coffee tin was filled with the butts of well smoked peach menthol cigarettes {with some coffee still in the bottom of the can}. But, the crowning glory of my office was the fridge.

The fridge.

I am bringing my camera tomorrow to document this. Today I opened the door and was immediately glad that I did not bring milk for my coffee {that I later discovered had become an ashtray}. Something broke. There was green goo all over the inside and the freezer unit was hot. The fridge was still on and the fumes coming from it were quite dizzying. I did what anyone would do. I closed the fridge door and left it as it was. I also left my office. I decided I would be better off working in a different office for the rest of the day.

I think that was the right decision.

In other news, a Starbucks has opened in the Expressway rest stop right near our home. It is a two way rest stop so I am going to find out if I get on the toll road in Okaya, drive to the rest stop and exit the Expressway in Okaya if I will get charged. If so I will have to do some scouting to discover a way to access the Starbucks through the service entrance/bus stop walkway. I will document my experiment.

Either way, I am ecstatic. Five minutes up the road is much better than a two hour trip.

Now, it is bedtime. Photographic evidence of the piggish nature of Japanese bachelors is to come tomorrow. In fairness, this office mate respected my space and my desk area was pristine. This is an improvement from last year. {And, he seems to have finally taken his dirty jeans home...they have been on the floor since May.}

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