August 31, 2009

Wishing for Dengue Fever**

...because then I would have and excuse...

It is hard to believe that we are closing out August today. Thirty-one days. Boy August, you sure are one long month! I suppose I am lucky that ManInCharge and I were in Thailand until the 14th, because these last 16 days have just been dragging.

The weather has been very mild. For that we are most grateful. The downpours that plagued Japan while we were gone disappeared by our first Monday back to school. While we have had some hot and sticky days, by in large the weather has been quite cool, a blessing for both of us as we commute to work by foot and pedal. There is nothing quite like sweating through your clothes before you even start the day!

I suppose this month has been a slow turner because we have been quite busy both of these last two weekends. Two weekends ago we had a 22.5 hour day, waking up at 3:30am and returning home and climbing into bed the next day at 2:00 am after summiting Fuji-san. It's funny how one day at home didn't really leave us with that 'oh so rested feeling.' More on this adventure to come later...promise.

After climbing to the top of the world {or Japan at least} I had hoped to have a peaceful weekend. My school schedule said otherwise...oh boo! I had Saturday School. Prospective students came by and observed us teaching. For some unknown reason my school extended the teaching day from the mandatory half day to a full day. {This decision really tickled my branches, there is nothing this SGT likes more than teaching four unruly classes on a weekend.} There is nothing like teaching six full days of class, after climbing a mountain to really tucker out this tree.

I wish I could say that the general tired feeling in the Cotey household that descended for the second half of August work was going to be shed at midnight tonight, but alas, poor ManInCharge has Saturday School next weekend. I hope to be able to provide a peaceful and relaxing home for him when he arrives on our doorstep next Saturday evening. And, in fairness there is a silver lining. We had anticipated missing each other next weekend, but this clever creature managed to wiggle her way out of an all day judge training seminar scheduled for Sunday. So, while we may be separated on Saturday, we will be able to rest together on Sunday.

I am looking forward to heading for home this afternoon. I just want to cook dinner and hit the hay. I'm still clearing up after a rash {he he he} of post-vacation maladies ranging from windburn, sun poisoning, aching muscles, peeling skin and vertigo all the way to a 14 day-long lower respiratory ick and lurvely UTI.

I did have to make an emergency call to Daddy-O and make sure I didn't have Malaria or Dengue Fever. DO told me I had sun-poisoning. Poor MiC couldn't understand my desire to have his original diagnosis of sun poisoning double checked out by my Oral Surgeon father. {Silly MiC, everyone knows that having a D.M.D. makes you an expert in tropical diseases.} I suppose this is just a dad-daughter thing {probably more accurately a daughter-dad thing since I am the one seeking rare disease advice}. If he says I'm okay, than I am. {I see you shaking your heads, don't even think it...this tree is not a hypochondriac...she just sometimes likes to talk to her Daddy-O.}

**For the record, I am not actually wishing for Dengue Fever.

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