September 7, 2009

Get out of debt before you buy anything else...please...

So, we're in the middle of a world wide recession, right?

We are all suffering, struggling to pay for health care, fighting to feed our families, right?

We're starting to have kitchen gardens again and carry reusable bags. We bring our refillable containers to Starbucks and put the cheap gas in our SUVs. We carry Stig aluminum water bottles (you know, the ones that are safe and cost $75.00). We sew with designer fabrics and busy ourselves by garage sale-ing, antiquing and saving loads at the Nordstrom's semi-annual shoe sale and buying our purses at the Coach outlet.

Holey mackerel women!

This SillyGirl thinks we might be missing the point.

I know that I am exactly what my husband called me when he met me - a hippie granola freak. I am a happy freak who spent the first two years after graduate school researching and attempting a beautiful, trendy, nature-ey sustainable lifestyle in West Cork Ireland. I failed and had to take out student loans to support my coffee and panini habit, and when I had eaten my fair share of delicious Kerry cheddar on crusty bread and had one too many litres of Bulmers, I had to return to my roots, to my parents' home to finally begin to understand the true meaning of self-sufficiency. {Oh the irony that my journey to self-sufficiency began at 25 in my mother's home...}

Self-sufficiency is not a trend. It is one a model of life that our Lord puts before his flock in the Bible. It is simple and doesn't necessitate veganism, organic clothing, recycling, kitchen gardening or driving your new SUV loaded with designer dogs and re-usable shopping bags as you go to the weekly Farmers Market to collect your artisanal olives and unpasteurized cheese in your Hunters. {Trust me, this girl tried this approach about ten years ago...and it is not the definition...}

Self-sufficiency means working hard six days a week and resting on the seventh. Self-sufficiency is letting your fields go fallow, allowing your world to rest. Self-sufficiency means never living with debt. Limit yourself to live within your means. Self-sufficiency means choosing to tithe first, to give to the Lord before you treat yourself. Self-sufficiency is planning for the lean times and saving for your children {even those unborn or never coming}. Self-sufficiency is simply living within your means, not within your credit limit.

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Jessica {lovely jubbly london} said...

so v. true. I try and remember every day how blessed I am...the husband and I paid off all our debts we foolishly acquired in our youth and while we don't have the latest and greatest we know we have a life we need to be so thankful for!

(and Bulmers...mmm! Can you get it in the US?)


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