September 28, 2009

Mail Forwarding...

Mail forwarding is an extremely stressful reality for this girl. Since April of 2008 ManInCharge and I have maintained a single US address for residency and mail purposes. We have our mail on automatic forward every two months.

About two months in I noticed that no mail was arriving. I called the store and checked to make sure that all the systems were in place. They were. The shop just forgot. I suppose a 6 times a year mail forward is small potatoes.

In fairness, usually there is nothing to be forwarded. In fact that cost of the box sometimes feels like a slight waste of money.

This pattern repeated itself until April of 2009, when I woke early and called the shop and asked for a box renewal. I then had a receipt international express mailed to me. That was awesome. Nothing like paying $50.00 for a receipt.

I have heard nothing from them since this time. It's October {almost} and I have received no forwarded mail...not international express, not express mail...nothing. And yet, I know I have mail in my box...

So this morning I woke up early from a fairly disturbing dream in which I was living with my older sister and we were computer programmers locked away by our evil parents who forced us to program for...of all things...our little sister's textile business...

Weird huh?

Though I wouldn't mind living closer to my family...that was a really odd dream. Anyways, the alarm roused me from my befuddled dream world and I got up to call Mr. Mail Forwarding Man. All good so far.

I dialed. He put me on hold for 14 minutes. In fairness, he did pick the phone back up and apologize, but man I didn't wake up early on a rainy fall day for this. So I explained what I needed. He couldn't find my records in the system. {No real shock there.} I gave him my address, as I do every time that I call. This is really disconcerting. They should have my address. It is in my file. With my credit card. I would like to mention, that they have NO problem locating my credit card information in my file.

Giving my address over the phone is disconcerting because it is long and confusing in romanji. If one letter is off, the post man will return to sender instead of delivering it to me. I am not 100% confident that Mr. Mail Forwarding Man got it right. I suppose time will tell. My much anticipated 4 pieces of important mail will arrive, or it won't.

At least this time he took my phone number and said he'd call with any problems.

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