September 25, 2009

tomorrow is the big day!

Wish us luck...we're moments from heading down to Tokyo. All that is stopping us is this blog post. From 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM ManInCharge will be holding our future in the palm of his hands. Send prayers and well wishes his way. During this same period SillyGirlTree will be SHOPPING! Now that her skinny jeans are a little too baggy for wear and she can actually wear Japanese clothes this lady is planning on using test time as a golden opportunity to finally have an uninhibited day of girl spending. Worry not fearful readers. SGT has mapped, plotted and planned. She will be planning her campaign for mainly around Harijuku and Shibuya.

A brief sampling of the sundries she hopes to pick up:
Harry Potter jelly bellies
Halloween supplies
costume jewelry

Dinner tonight will be Hard Rock Roppongi. Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to snag lunch at Pita the Great...the most excellent vegan pita restaurant in the world run by the grouchiest gajin in the world. Keep this family in your prayers, tomorrow is a big day for each of us. Some of us are more excited than others...but either way...big things to come from Japan.

See you tomorrow night...this girl needs to make like a tree and leaf...trains and the future wait for no woman!

ps - she realizes her sundries list is not so exciting...but these are needs, not wants...and getting excited about needs stems the desire for wants...

pps - wish us luck!

ppps - ManInCharge will kill me if I don't leave byyeeeee! {waving as she dashes out the door}

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