September 30, 2009

Sports Day!

It's Thursday and this girl is done with classes for the week.

Today is Field Day at my twice a week school. The sky was heavy with clouds so I dressed in jeans and a comfy shirt instead of my planned sports clothes. {I didn't want to be teaching in yoga pants if the day was called due to weather.} Either way I am glad that the rain has lifted. Field Day means that I get to spend the day cheering on my students and probably playing badminton in my socks. The lack of rain also will hopefully lift the dreary atmosphere that has been hanging around since Sunday night.

Tomorrow we have a professional development meeting in one of my favorite cities. I am excited because I will be on a panel. I am also excited because I will be wearing a 'new to you' pair of pants. The suit that I am going to wear tomorrow was purchased in the Fall of 2004. I have NEVER worn it. Well, maybe twice, but even then I had a pair of Spanx on. Tomorrow will be the first time I really feel comfortable in it. {Even if I don't have a pair of shoes to match the suit, but this is Japan...coordinating clothes are optional.} Another reason why I am excited to wear it is that it is one of the last times I will wear it. Well, before taking it to the tailor for alteration. Even now it is approaching the too loose to wear end of the spectrum. {This makes me really happy.}

PS - ManInCharge drove me to school today. It was nice. We were babbling in our last minutes in the house together because we usually have to get a lot in before we get on our bikes or go our separate ways. Both of us started to laugh when we realized that we had another 30 minutes together.

PPS - Gotta scoot. I can hear the opening ceremony tanoy going. MUST GET IN ON THE ACTION!

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