November 15, 2009

I cut my hair today.

It's Sunday. I'm 30 now. It's official that I passed through my 20s and have moved to the next decade.

Today was nice because I made kabocha curry again. It was nice because I took a nap. I am reading James Clavell's Tai-pan at the moment and quite enjoying it. That man writes as if he is scripting a BBC period drama and boy does this girl love period dramas.

I also finally cut my bangs. My students had all begun to remark on the fact that my bangs were just long enough to reach the top of my face mask and so no one could see my face anymore. This is what happens when I have too much work. No haircuts since July. I fixed that with 45 minutes and a pair of slightly dull scissors. I think I did a fairly smashing job, but I will let you be the judge...someday when I upload my photos. I went to Thailand and Cambodia in July. Then I climbed Fuji in August. I'm not sure what I accomplished in September, we were pretty much preparing for ManInCharge's BIG TEST. In October I was busy, but you know that. I really should get over how busy it was and move onto feeling rested and recuperated once more. I think dwelling on the craziness is postponing my equilibrium.

Back to the equilibrium. Yes. I am restoring it slowly. Healthy home cooked meals. Long pampering baths. Trimming the bangs. Moisturizing the skin. Napping. Oh yes. I was really relaxed. And then my toenail popped off. How gross. I think it has been barely hanging on since Fuji. Then I tortured it a bit more with the marathons. Oh well. I suppose I am a runner now. I will never forget the day that I first heard about this phenomenon. My oh so fit and amazing older sister lost her toenail while training for some sort of endurance race. I thought 'Holy Mackerel! I will never exercise to the point that I lose toenails!' I am kind of proud that I have. I am happy to join my sister in that crew of crazies. I love following in her footsteps. She's usually going a great direction. Now, when the skin heals I will follow her once more and paint my nail-less toe and rock on putting the miles behind me.

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