November 11, 2009

Pure Heaven. Pure Chaos. A life to be lived.

I made it. October is rough man. I didn't have time to think most days and as quickly as it was upon us, October has passed me by. It started out sunny and warm. It was nashi (asian pear) season and the rice was harvested. Then came the grapes, the big, thick skinned wine-flavored, full-bodied grapes. It started to rain. There was a typhoon, Melor, that cancelled classes and gave me a moment to catch my breath. Then the Autumn came and with it the month spiralled into frenetic chaos.

There were trips to the farmers market.
There was delicious soft cream consumed.
There were two long-distance races run.
There were pumpkins carved.
There were too many days worked in the month, and yet there was still time for skinned knees from too much competitive badminton. There was the cancelling of school due to the influ (H1N1). There was even a debate contest, a speech contest, and an English Camp. On Halloween I sank to a new low and had a student *steal* a pumpkin for me, in order to carve it with my English club on the following Monday. {*We had permission to requisition the pumpkin from a Halloween fair in the next town over, said student lives in the town and was on the event committee...I really just put her in charge because I knew she'd find me the best pumpkin left, and she did an amazing job.*}

And twenties are in their waning moments. I am tired. I look tired. But tomorrow I wake up 30. One of my dearest friends here decided that the appropriate monument to this milestone was this:
A Hello Kitty shaped cream puff of ginormous proportions. In Japan this work of art has lovingly been christened Kitty-chan Pan. (Hello Kitty Bread) Can I eat her yet?
Happy Birthday everyone, come over and help me with this 3 million calorie present.

**And Terri..I have not forgotten, my chicken and kabocha curry recipe will follow shortly...I bought a pumpkin this week in order to make it once more for the photos.**

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Brooke said...

So that is awesome! No Bday cakes...just the bday bread?? I LOVEEEE your trip to the farmers market...amazing!!! Miss you friend!! Can I send you a Christmas card? What is your addy?


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