December 31, 2009


The New Year has come and gone. No resolutions were made. I seem to be incapable of focusing on things like making resolutions. I suppose that is okay.

On New Years Eve we made hoppin' john & ham. I was surprised by a late afternoon snow storm and so didn't make it to the store to grab any greens. We had a salad, hello easy. Halfway through dinner I thought to myself that beans & greens are supposed to be consumed on New Years Day. Whoops.

Can I just take a moment and gloat? I had black eyed peas. In. Japan. I was very proud of my find and dinner was delicious. Victory. Happy New Year. May this year of the tiger bring you and yours many blessings.

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The pale observer said...

Great blog - hope you're enjoying life in Japan! I'm a Canadian living in Africa (13 years now...)

Love to read about the lives of other expats!

I'm your newest follower - Happy New Year!

Holli in Ghana


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