January 10, 2010

10 Oreos and me...

My belly needs an honest moment...listen.
Around two this afternoon I announced to MiC that I was going to have some Oreos. I opened a sleeve and poured myself a glass of milk.

I was just going to have a few.

It turned into 10, the whole sleeve. {Thank goodness that in Japan a sleeve is only 10.} It was delicious going down, but I have felt sick to my stomach for about two hours now. The transition from oishi to sluggish sugar low has become lightning fast. I worked hard to learn how to make good choices. This afternoon I made a bad choice. Now I have consumed all I should for the day by 3 in the afternoon and I am feeling a bit ill from the sugar.

Knowledge don't always over-rule bad habits, but my body does. I listen to it now. I'm done. Sick. Uninterested in ever eating 10 Oreos again. My belly doesn't thank me. My brain is still learning, but my body knows.

We have passed through the first week of the new year. Some of us have already flagged in our attempt to achieve our resolutions. Listen to your bellies and do the right thing...put the Oreos down...

Tell me...have you made a slip but are you content to keep moving forward on the road to good habits and a healthier life?


Renee said...

My tummy hurts for you.

I have fibromyalgia a condition that doctors don't quite understand, but in short, it throws your entire system out of whack. Your body hurts, you're exhausted, you get headaches, your digestive system is sensitive yada, yada, yada.

There is speculation that certain foods trigger the symptoms or make them more severe. I am terrified of the day that they tell me that chocolate or process sugar are out of the question. I love to eat, cooking is one of my passions. The day someone tells me I have to give up chocolate or pasta, my heart will break.

I try to eat healthy and keep a food journal to track my eating and compare them to my symptoms, but it's a very hard to habit to form.

sillygirltree said...

It's the getting started that seems so difficult! The getting started and well, the follow through...


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