January 11, 2010

Chili...no tomatoes...

It took four years of marriage to a white boy, but this sillygirl thinks she might have officially lost her 'honerary italian' title. I gave up on trying to convince people of my heritage when I lost the decidedly impossible to pronounce surname, but I have always remembered the lessons of my great-grandmother.

No house is an Italian house without tomatoes. {If you are, as she was, from the tomato favoring corner of that wholly mixed-up nation.}

Goodness this has become a world of caveats.

I soaked my beans, kidneys and some questionably circular black beans, and left the house for a day of apron, watch and envelope shopping. Oh...the fun never ends, try not to be jealous.

We arrived home at exactly 6:04:11. I remember this because I announced it after hitting the light on my new *pink* watch that...get this...glows pink when the light is on! As ManInCharge was backing into the driveway {that narrow strip of weeds most would refer to as an alley} I had a lightning bolt of remembrance. We didn't buy tomatoes! Ahhh! The chili!

I had a few options. I could walk down to the combini and grab a few cans of Kagome brand or head back out, husband-less, and pick up a few at the grocery store.

I have decided that neither of those are viable options. It is cold and dark and this is Japan. No one goes out after dark. But, wait, Tokyo is a city that never sleeps. Yes. That is Tokyo. Only 1/3 of the nation's population lives there. They never sleep. We, in the sticks, country, po-dunk middle of nowhere inaka, we do not go out after dark. Or. Maybe it's just my neighborhood. Or, maybe just my apartment block. We're the only residents of our apartment block, so I can be fairly certain of that fact.

I am a woman who has realized several things this evening:

1) I am no longer Italian. My cupboards have rice, not pasta and root vegetables, not tomatoes.
2) I am a fuddy-duddy who refuses to go grocery shopping after 6pm in the winter.
3) My husband doesn't like the taste of stewed tomatoes anyway...something to do with a life-long hatred of canned veg.
4) Dinner must be cooked and the beans are re-hydrated.
4.1) I am a terrible speller. Okay, I knew that, but every time I review my words I am appalled...goodness me 2010 - the year of the dictionary...

There is one way forward. Tonight, I make, chili...no tomatoes...

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