January 31, 2010

the fruit of my left hand...

Hi guys!

I have been thinking of so many clever ways to send January into the nether and now all of those grand plans will have to remain in their current state: scribbled topics on my notepad.

To give you some hints of what might be to come in February, here is a sampling from my list. (Call me crazy, but # 2 is such a FUN month to spell!):
Vocation - should I follow my heart or work because Womens' Lib tells me to?
Not. Delicious.
26 weeks...
Kabocha, I love you...

Okay that's it. That's your teaser. I'm sorry. You see, the tendinitis in my right elbow has forced me to immobilize it. I am enforcing a day of rest on my arm...on my day of rest, oh the irony. seriously. The pain kept me up last night, and since I have little control over the ergonomics of my home & work (everything is designed about one foot too low), I am simply trying to rest my wounded elbow when I can.

My immobilized dominant side has severely limited my functional ability to, well, in a word, function. It is at times like these I am thrilled that I was taught to type with ten fingers, because loosing half for the day isn't so bad. It's slow, but not impossible. Unlike those letters I want to write or those packages I wanted to tape. ManInCharge has been relatively accommodating, helping me fix the waistline of my pants and tearing the bookmark out of my magazine that arrived today, but even he draws the line. My toenails will remain unpainted & that plate of brownies, unbaked.

Wishing you all a wonderful end to our last January in Japan. May your February be fruitful, though short!

I hope that my elbow's day of rest will improve my right arm's pathetic attempt at injury, but until then, I will be probably less wordy as I type with my left hand...so much to say...so slow to type...

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