January 27, 2010

Keep the TV out of the bedroom!

This exclamation has been a strong and rarely broken rule in our house. We both feel that it is a contributing factor in the successful progression of world domination experienced by TeamCOTEY.

No matter what you say, it is NOT because we don't have a TV. Though, you are right. We don't. Our ban supersedes simply the traditionally maligned, all evil technology referred to in some circles as the television. We generally keep all distractions out of the bedroom. No music, unless provided by our own awesome lung power. No TV. No Internet. Not even computers. And finally, NO BOOKS. I break the no books rule daily. I only read when I am alone. The second ManInCharge comes to bed, the bookmark is placed and the book is tucked away under the futon.

But tonight.
I don't feel so hot tonight.

My lower back is achy, I am grumbly and grouchy and feel like I have the flu. That's right, oh no...not pleasant at all. It's so rare that I get this symptom of being a member of the fairer sex. It makes me feel really rotten for ladies who endure much worse on a routine basis. But for now I just want to crawl into bed and watch a movie. But, in TeamCotey land...that is against the rules.

So, I appealed to a higher authority.

I begged.

I... okay...that's not true...I asked nicely once, and ManInCharge consented. Then he then told me I looked so rotten that he would bring me a cup of hot chocolate to ease my suffering.
That made me wonder.

But, what this means for you my dears is that I am not going to blog about the awesomeness of my husband and his random gifts of love. Instead I am going to unplug from the Internet and take this computer to bed and I am going to watch Julie & Julia while sipping my hot chocolate like the rebel that I am. You will have to wait for the awesomeness that is blue and orange roses.
Source of the image: flickr.com/photos/domesticknitter

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