January 25, 2010

A Monday ToDo List...

I would like to start this evening with...well, an outdoor escalator. Because, well, why not? This was taken in Nagasaki last March. I was still in awe of things such as random outdoor escalators in beautiful traditional English style gardens. Now...these things are normal to me, but maybe you will be in awe. This is ManInCharge and his English department. We all travelled to Nagasaki for the weekend. ManInCharge { + me, the token wife}, MiC's department, a social studies teacher from his school who "likes going on trips, and my wife likes packing my bag...I decided to go this morning after I arrived at school" [a direct quote], and a random English teacher from a high school one town over. Probably some of the most fun we have had travelling with a group in Japan.
...Now to the matter at hand...errr, in the title...
1) mail ManinCharge's response to his upcoming summons for jury duty [check]
2) prepare packages for L & T (getting moved to tomorrow)
3) drink 8 glasses of agua [check...though it was in 5 16oz increments...]
4) pack a swim bag for tomorrow (YAY!!! I am going swimming during lunch!!!)
5) lesson planning: Aches & Pains / Valentine's Day [check]
6) TAKE VITAMINS ... must do so before I head to bed

We're back in the swing of things here, which gets weird around January/February/March...I still have NO IDEA what the deal is with Term 3 in Japanese high schools. I suppose that it will remain mysterious. I shouldn't really complain about having enough time to dash to the indoor pool next door and swim a mile on my lunch break.

Also, in important news...I found decent olives & restocked my popcorn supply on my way home from work.

...okay...of to go crawl into my brand new bed in my brand new bedroom...[or newly hacked bed in my former closet/empty room]

Lots of Love,

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