January 24, 2010

...Sunday Evening Bliss...

One of my favorite times of the week is Sunday afternoon. It is a time of worship, thanksgiving, rest and refueling. This weekend ManInCharge and I took a big step towards the rest of our lives. We made a chore chart. For the two of us. That's right. We're practicing for when our family grows. We are learning how to release resentment over mundane tasks. We have both completed our tasks for the weekend, and despite a mold bloom that slowed our cleaning down, we are happy and finished.

What did we do?
All of the dishes are away {sillygirl}
the bathroom and toilet room are cleaned {man}
the wood has been swept {sillygirl}
the outside & car have been cleaned {man}
the tatami has been disinfected and vacuumed {sillygirl}
laundry has been washed & dried {man}
...and put away {teamCOTEY}
the grocery shop has been done with a savings of 1200yen from last week {sillygirl}

In addition, we found a mold/mildew bloom underneath our futon on Saturday afternoon when sillygirl went to air the bedding. We have been having an intensely wet time without adequate sunshine to justify the back breaking work of hauling our bedding out for airing. Well, this girl has learned her lesson. There is no ignoring the need to dry out organic matter and grass flooring.

As a solution Man and Girl moved back to the bed last night and it is a miracle that we both survived the night. We both spent most of the night getting kneed or elbowed while clinging to our edge, wondering WHO made the bed. {Silly did...to look nice since it's in the guest room and it really only functions as a place to hold clothes as they are being folded...shhhh!}

While man was at the laundromat, this sillygirl went to town. She created a living room in the larger tatami room, took the bed off of its legs so that it would be more futon-like, and layered the bedding so that there would be adequate coverage for man and girl alike tonight!

Having unexpected additional work on the weekend that we were planning to introduce our new routine could have been a train wreck. Instead teamCOTEY worked hard, worked smart and worked quickly to get done what needed to be done and walked away from that would wait.

As part of our worship this week ManInCharge and I jumped into the car and rolled down to Suwako around 3:30. We had our running gear on and our Lord in our heart. We pushed the path, using the beautiful healthy bodies we have been given. We both are torn about exercising on our day of rest. If it feels like work, we don't, but if we want to lift our spirits up while our feet pound the pavement, then nothing can stop us.

This afternoon was beautiful. Our winter has been relatively mild and our foot falls chased away scores of ducks sunning in the wanning sun. Suwa is a natural wonder, a mountain lake with hot springs veins running beneath. Running along the lakeside path in the fading sun on a winter afternoon, watching the hot springs geyser break surface as we approach is a joy. What an amazing gift. Now, safely back within our home we are sipping tea and basking in our bliss.

I will leave you with a wish from the future, that your Sunday evening unfolds into bliss. Calm your soul, quiet your spirit, energize yourself for the week ahead and REJOICE...

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