January 26, 2010

true confessions in the life of me

During lunch today I went to the gym nearest my school to grab a quick swim in. It turns out that the pool is closed until sometime in March. You see, Japanese dates confuse me. 22/3/...so I never read until the date...I get hung up on the year. You see, its 2010 to you...but it is 22 Showa here. We mark the calendar years based upon the number of years an emperor reigns. It is much more logical than the AD system. {My eyes are rolling.} I generally manage to overcome my befuddlement to remember the month...but the actual date...when the year is 22, and the date is sometime in the 20s...no way Jose.

Back to the swim that was never to be, and won't be for the rest of 3rd term. There goes my big plan for lunch over the next few months...I ran instead. On a treadmill. It was really boring, especially because the ambiance experts at the municipal gym placed all three available treadmills facing the wall of windows...directly behind the only three pillars that block the view of Lake Suwa. Brilliance in design & engineering does not apparently go beyond electronics to gym layouts.

But. Lest I forget. I lured you here with the teaser of a true confession...so behold...my dirty little secret...
I eat peanut butter.
I eat peanut butter straight out of the jar.
I only allow myself a teaspoon to go hunting for peanut-y creamy goodness, because with a tablespoon...well there would be trouble.

At least I eat organic, low-sodium, all natural crunchy peanut butter.
When I was a kid *ahem*
A few years ago...*there that is more honest*
I was a JIF kid.
'Cause...you know.
Choosy moms, choose JIF.
That's just how the Captain rolls...or maybe her mom bought JIF too...
...Must dash...need one more spoon before bed...
**almost all of my dry goods are Alishan...having read and reread the bilingual labels I was CONVINCED that this was a certified organic co-op out of Oregon...which confused me because of the thoroughly Japanese-way that they operate. I learned by visiting their website that I can visit them...because they are an hour North of Tokyo...IN JAPAN. I was mislead b/c their website [never visited before tonight] is a .com, not a .jp.**

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