February 21, 2010


A post in which I describe my husband's favorite snack food.ManSnacks are not in fact called ManSnacks anywhere but in my head, and, now, here. {Man doesn't even know I call them that and would probably dispute the title since I always snag a peanut or two from him.} They are called 柿の種 - or - in romanji - kaki no tane (which means persimmon seed...because they look like large orange persimmon seeds) and peanuts.
They are a Japanese snack food that I would firmly throw into the cocktail snack/chips & pretzel/trail mix variety. Here they are commonly thrown into the beer snack category. Don't be sad for them though, they share that label with delicious things such as all nuts, a majority of dried fruit, smoked 'cheese' snacks, dried squid jerky, senbei crackers and recently even beef jerky and salami. Sometimes I think that my favorite aisle in a Japanese grocery store is the beer snacks aisle, but I digress.

ManSnacks come in many flavors. This week in addition to purchasing ManInCharge's usual variety, I also picked up a seasonal flavor 'consomme.' That's right. Chicken broth flavored beer snacks. Yum. They are a little less spicy and the consomme coating is a bit thick, but also an approved variety in this house. I have yet to grab a packet of the chocolate covered kind, and don't think I was around when the limited run of Tabasco kaki no tane hit the market, but the wasabi flavored pack was a large flop with our temperate taste buds.
This SillyGirl inadvertently grabbed at a highway stop on our way to Hiroshima. She grabbed them because they have a green label...and well, green = awesome {and has since Silly decided it was her favorite color in the womb}. In Japan, green means wasabi flavored...and usually too strongly wasabied at that. Not. Delicious.

On a final note about ManSnacks, they are such a huge hit for several reasons in our house. Yes. They are full of sodium. And, yes. They are not exactly healthy. But, more importantly, they are a cheap, reliable on the go snack. The rice cracker to peanut ratio is just right. They come in excellently sized individual portions. T hey don't leave you with a belly full of grease and salt like most conventional snack foods.
Though, if truth be told, the real reason for the popularity of ManSnacks in our house are the mascots. They are cute, but not threatening enough to not put off MiC. The sight of the little kaki no tane holding hands and dancing never fails to make this SillyGirl smile. I am sure you can agree!

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