February 19, 2010

Oh my Goodness...

Two bread and water days in a week scared me. I am happy to report that at nearly midnight on day 2...in 3 days has left me not so negative and very fulfilled. I hope to update you all on our Lenten observances this year {maybe tomorrow, fingers crossed} but for now I am just rejoicing that I have finally brought this spot up to the season. The important point this evening is that after my crankiness on Wednesday, I cancelled my evening plans for fear of being a party pooper. Sacrifice is definitely not about sympathy or even dampening the celebrations of others. I am however pleasantly surprised with my own longevity this evening.

I decided to utilize my unexpected gift to FINALLY transition this space to a winter theme. I love the photograph that I chose for the header. While I am not quite pleased with the use of the text overlay on the header, I am still photoshop-less. I don't know why I left it in storage, but I did. So far my attempts to supplement my "graphic designs" with shareware have...fallen flat. It is hard to believe that in 2006 I re-branded a regional opera company with original in house designs. Oh how the marketers have fallen. I suppose a fifteen month deployment will turn any military spouse's creative soul to mush.

Winter is a much less forgiving season when it comes to digital images. {It also doesn't help that I have been leaving my camera home in the cold, because, really...who wants to deal with point & shoot in the snow...and let's not broach my choice to leave all of my decent cameras state-side.} However I finally got myself together and decided that I would not let my October picture of Yatsugatake stand for the winter season.

Now that I have made this change I would like you all to know that cherry blossoms will be making their debut on this island within the next four weeks and I really have waited until the last moment to get this done.

Le sigh.

I am now off to bed. I did not do the dishes. Instead I watched The Invention of Lying. Despite it being my dish day ManInCharge has given me permission to leave them undone. But, if truth be told, I think I would rather not. So enjoy the new look and be grateful that you are not washing dishes and running on fumes...or...be grateful for the moments we have, no matter what they are spent doing.

May your Friday be full of Grace...even if you are not a friday child.

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