February 28, 2010

A Trio

Happy Sunday Evening! I hope to be short and sweet tonight. I will be rather impressed with myself if I achieve said goal. I have three thoughts tonight. They are disjointed, but what are weekends for, but a bit of disorganization.

First, an update. This weekend was one of those glorious transition weekends, when you feel like the seasons are truly changing and then you realize that Mother Nature will do what she will. On Saturday the weather was fine {if a bit windy} and so ManInCharge and I went on an afternoon drive to Kamikochi, a national park on the Western side of our prefecture. We never made it. We were stopped by a closed tunnel. Despite the setback we thoroughly enjoyed our drive on some of the ricketiest road we have encountered in Japan. We got a bag of unbelievably delicious dried apple wedges. We saw a concave hydro electric dam that had us both googlie-eyed. We went through a tunnel that had a fork in it, which was a first. We saw snow monkeys crossing the road. {Definitely my highlight…it was a troop of 5 just hanging out in the mountains} We also figured out why the water in the rivers and lakes we drove beside were so unbelievably green - when we reached the natural hot springs gushing from the mountains. We also neglected to bring our camera, because well, that would have been the intelligent thing to do.

Next, a recipe! Today was a lazy day around the house. I woke up and put the coffee on. I had been awakened by the sound of rain on our tin roof, but by the time I made it down the stairs the temperature had dropped and a weak little snow storm was whipping though our backyard. As the coffee was brewing I tracked down a brioche bread pudding that I had book marked months ago. I decided that while I had no brioche, the custard couldn't possibly make a bad bread pudding with the loaf of France Pan that I had allowed to turn into a log last week. I must say that the recipe is divine and I also enjoy reading {and salivating} each post over at alexandra's Kitchen. I defer all credit for ManInCharge's full belly and my empty baking dish to her. Please hop on over and read what's going on. She has a great post about burritos, tacos and homemade flour tortillas up at the moment which brings me to my final point today.

Finally, a resource. My older sister pointed me here a few years ago. While I have been stuck living in two 250 sq foot rooms, ApartmentTherapy has saved my brain. I can turn to my computer {away from my condemned residence} and escape. Now that ManInCharge and I are about twenty weeks from coming back stateside, my reading has become more fervent. When we return we will be buying our first home. I will finally be able to do all of the things that I have been craving to do, like take our furniture out of storage and refinish it, or build our bed frame, or can my own fruits, or have a garden, or reupholster the vinyl seats of our kitchen chairs, the list goes on and on… Anyhow – the site has recently uploaded and is continuing to update the 2010 Home Hacks page. I am really enjoying the resource this year because I know that 2010 is the year that we teamCOTEY can begin our adventure. After five uncertain years in the military and two years of transition, growth and change in Japan, we are coming home to begin. I for one cannot wait.

Lots of Love,

Silly Girl

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