March 31, 2010

…the ban…

Another one bites the dust.
ManInCharge and I were sitting in Starbucks a few days ago when we made a decision. We banned it.

I'm not sure if you know this, but, I am addicted to strong caffeinated beverages. While I generally bypass Starbucks state-side, it is one of the few places here on the rooftop of Japan that I can get a strong enough bag of beans and mediocre cup of coffee. Otherwise I just end up with coffee colored water & creap…

There has been a pattern developing.

Until recently, I would go Starbucksing solo, but the last four or five visits have been as teamCOTEY. Because our closest coffee shop is thirty minutes drive from home, we only treat ourselves every couple of months.

This is where the problem started.
It really wasn't a treat.

ManInCharge has a fairly finely attuned palette. This tips coffee beverages at the 'bucks firmly in the out category for him. I don't mind the taste, it's the caffine I'm after. {Addict – hello?} After being unhappy with a few coffees he shifted his order to a tea latte [chai]. The first one he got was fantastic. We thought, "phewww!" {Well, this SillyGirl thought "phewww!" If I am honest, his inevitable displeasure in his beverages kind of made me feel guilty & sad. We were only there to feed my need.} It seemed like we had finally found a combination that would work.

We were wrong.

The next time we were running low on grounds at home, ManInCharge came with me to get my monthly supply. We decided to order our regular brews and relax a bit after I had stocked back up. His was awful. It was watered down and didn't taste right at all.

I was down-right annoyed.
At him.
I thought 'Why is my hubs so picky?'
{Hello SillyGirl, that was a silly and selfish thing to think!}

A little voice in the back of my brain said just that. If I order something and don't like it, it's not me being picky is it? So why would I assume as much in ManInCharge. How very small and childish of me.

We talked about my thought and my growing realization that if you just don't like something, maybe you should stop buying it. So, I suggested in my most grown-up big girl voice: "Maybe we shouldn't buy from here anymore." As soon as I said it, I knew it was the right answer. I knew by the look on his face and by the relief I felt.

And so the ban began.

Why spend money on something that one of you can't enjoy and the other of you feels guilty about enjoying? We can't. We won't. We don't – not anymore. Sometimes it's hard to realize that we as consumers have a choice – to consume or not consume.

Tomorrow we go to Tokyo, where coffee shops are abundant. I am hoping to be mindful and choose a better alternative. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and well, Starbucks – you are not the coffee for me.

In other news…I went for a haircut again today.
I am clearly expressing a deep desire to either be Cleopatra or Cher – you be the judge.

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