March 7, 2010

A good reminder…

This has been an up and down week in the teamCOTEY household. We were busy. We both had a beautiful Spring-like Friday in which we were stuck in meetings or commuting for 12 hours. We had three graduations in as many days. We had good news {excellent news really} and we had sad news {heartbreaking news really}. Sometimes life is like this, good and bad come together, our life is no exception.

I couldn't bring myself to share about our joys and trivialities of this week when I have such sadness in my soul. I feel ache and love in my heart. I am beginning to think this is the pattern of life on earth. Instead of waxing lyrical about things that are not mine to share with the world, I want to share something that caused my eyes to grow wide and my mouth to drop open in wonder.

As seen here.


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