March 15, 2010

The Happiness Project

I am going to reveal a piece of my truest self now.
Be ready.
It's not so pretty.

The Back Story:
I am not a very happy person. I am grateful. I feel loved. There is nothing in my life that justifies the presence of unhappiness. I feel fairly ashamed of this part of my being. I try to hide it. I think that because of this I most of the time appear sour, stressed or aloof. I am not particularly unhappy. I am more of a neutral. I'm not sure when I realized this. I don't think it is very nice. In fact, I get rather angry with myself when I think about it. This part of me has got to change. I cannot go through my life realizing my blessings, feeling such unconditional love from others and yet finding numbness at my core. Blech!

The Project:
As you can probably guess from the title of this post and the back story - this is a project that I have begun today to, well, become happy.  I started with some research and prayers.  Now, I am ready for action.  I am going to actively change my perception and yes, be happy.  I have no reason not to, and so I am going to release the apathy and open my soul to the joys of living. While I don't expect to chart the entire course word, thought, and emotion on this page, I do hope to share my highs and lows.  I want to keep myself accountable.  What better place than here.

Volume I:
Today's first step is to change my mind. To focus on those things that bring a smile to my face and state them out loud, for the record.

I wanted to share some other things but this is enough for now.  {Okay - cheating - the super rangers were practicing this afternoon as I passed their towers on the way home.  Nothing makes me smile quite like Japanese men in orange jumpsuits and hard hats shouting and propelling them across ropes between buildings two stories in the air.}

If anyone can help me out…I saw this library card {found here} during my blog meanderings a few weeks ago and bookmarked it. I, however, forgot to note who pointed me there. If you know, please shoot me a note. I would like to give credit where credit is due. Also, for you library freaks like me, the call number is in fact for The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, though with the annotation that this is the SGT Ed {SillyGirlTree Edition}. In the interest of full disclosure I do not own and have not read the book. I am trying to make it on my own.

KK, Thanx,


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