March 18, 2010

The HP: Volume II


Paper Cranes
with each loving crease I do
unfold a heart's dream
Yesterday saw the creation and completion of my first chain of cranes.  In order to avoid an unruly avalanche of origami, the cranes are traditionally strung in 25 separate chains of 40 cranes.

I wanted to capture the transformation of my flock.

Then, the unexpected happened today.  

When I arrived at my desk this afternoon after teaching a class, some of my dear students had decided to assist me with my progress and had between the two of them folded cranes, frogs, cats, and a veritable barnyard of animals for my collection.  I loved discovering a point of connection with these sweet girls who sometimes abandon efforts of interaction because of their own self consciousness.  Instead of a couple of clumsy sentences and an embarrassed and rushed goodbye when another student or teacher enters the office, we three spent the better part of an hour trying to coax my fingers into folding a frog.  I did not envision the gift of having them teach me and me teach them in community on a sunny Spring afternoon.  My heart sang.


ps - um. let's not mention my bangs.  i know.  i am going to get a haircut on the 29th.  kk, thanx.

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