March 22, 2010

Japan Fail

Have you ever had all of your plans shift utterly and completely?
That happened to teamCOTEY this weekend.  We had planned to go hunting sakura blossoms and enjoy the Spring-like weather that the rest of Japan is experiencing.
Instead we found ourselves in an endless traffic loop on the Interchange that felt a bit like playing six hours of Tokyo Drift in slow motion.
When we finally made it back to home base last night Old Man Winter thumbed his nose at my flip flops and produced a last minute flurry of snow.  Thanks Old Man.  That was nice.
The whole weekend left this girl tired and feeling a bit hassled.  ManInCharge and I took a look at all that has occurred in these 72 hours and we agree that despite the somewhat sour taste that yesterday left in our mouths, we did accomplish quite a bit.
And.  The sun shined upon us all day.
  We had pancakes for breakfast this morning. 
Delicious fun.

Though, there will be no posts of this weekend’s adventures.  Certainly no photographs of us being blissful amongst the cherry blossoms.  Oh well.  Sometimes in life you just get stuck in traffic.


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