March 29, 2010

a moment in time...a memory...

When ManInCharge and I were first married we had to delay our honeymoon for six months.  He was a sergeant in the US Army and well, they don't just give you time off when you enlist to do one of the most honorable jobs in the world.  If we had timed our wedding a bit better, I suppose we could have gone away right afterward, but we wanted to be teamCOTEY.  We wanted to be a family so bad that, well, we eloped.  We just couldn't wait for the summer and his scheduled block leave.  Our families {if a bit annoyed by our sudden announcement} were with us, supporting and loving us as we wed, but with only 48 hours notice, we might have gotten married at the jail.

Though, this isn't a story about that.  
This is a story about this.  
Our honeymoon.  
To Ecuador.  

Before we married we were both hardcore travelers, but we had never traveled together.  This would be the first trip together, beginning our international journey.  We picked the location somewhat haphazardly.  My mom's friend {and my 10th grade geometry teacher} had recently returned home from a trip to Costa Rica.  Her guide on a jungle tour had been Ecuadorian.  At some point he described his homeland as "the new Costa Rica" to my dear surrogate Aunt.  She repeated something similar to my mom, who then repeated it to me.  Later, when ManInCharge and I were checking out international fare sales on, I saw two that stood out: $450.00 to Ecuador and $600.00 to Japan.  I in a rather casual, off handed way slipped "Oh, I hear Ecuador is the new Costa Rica" into our discussions of destinations.  Ecuador won because our budget was tight and the daily cost could be kept to a minimum, something impossible here in Japan.  {Isn't it funny how life leads you right down a path a few years later.  I would have never guessed in that heady honeymoon of 2006 that we would be living in Japan.}

Ecuador was not quite what we expected.  
I am sure it is the new Costa Rica but to teamCOTEY it was not exactly what we had pictured.
Actually, I don't think we pictured anything.
We just went.
I'm not sure we knew the name of the town we flew into.
I still can't spell it.
ManInCharge still calls it Guatamala, Mexico. 
It was so much more than a ClubMed package.  
It was having dodgy wiring attached to your shower head.  
It was descending through the Andes on a local bus.
It was watching the country unfold before our eyes.  
It was being helped by a guy named "Jim" find a way to the equator.  
It was the Galapagos.  
It was the most delicious fruit juice. 
It was listening to the capital erupt after an Ecuadorian victory in the World Cup.
It was overcoming a fear of heights in the bell tower of a Cathedral.  
It was drinking warm goats milk straight from the goat.  
It  it was getting into a moving car accident while riding in a yellow cab.
It was no one else noticing besides the two of us.
It was Pilsner, the best beer we have ever shared. 
It was beautiful, magical, exciting, romantic and delicious.
A moment in our journey together.
ManInCharge's first glance at Quito in the morning light.  
Our accommodation?
An all male boarding house by the station.  
I opted to skip the shower that morning.

Best thoughts and wishes to Beth@IShouldbeFoldingLaundry who not only graciously hosts You Capture, but who will be welcoming the latest, long awaited addition to her family fold this week.

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