March 24, 2010

Reaching {Also Known as Squeezing One in Under the Wire…}

I was going to try and capture the blossoms. You see, there are these bulbs in front of my neighborhood kami sama that amazed me last year. I forgot to photograph them then, but I think they are so beautiful all in a row, reaching towards the sky, waiting to open into this Spring. I have been anticipating their coming since they faded last Spring.

This year, I didn't forget. I had a plan. I had my camera in my pocket as I walked home from school today. It was raining. I was walking with ManInCharge. He had to go to the bathroom. If truth be told, so did I. It's amazing what the sound of rain on an umbrella does to this girl. And I was cold. If those blossoms open up tonight in this icy cold rain, well, then, I missed them. Again. Whoops.

Instead of fretting about those reaching blooms, not yet opened, I have decided to post a different kind of moment. I'm not sure if it truly counts since the photograph was taken with a timer. I did press the button though, and it was taken this week.

Reaching My Goal – A Reminder of Where I Have Been.
I am not quite there yet {my goal}, but I am close. I didn't realize how far I had come until I took this photo and saw. Oh, that's right…I am 3/4ths the girl I used to be. Sometimes when you are close to the end of a journey, it is nice to remember where you are coming from, and just WHY you are reaching for the finish line. Many thanks to Beth@IShouldbeFoldingLaundry for hosting You Capture.

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myorii said...

Wow, good job! It's amazing how much weight you've lost just by looking at that photo! Must be the healthy Japanese diet :)


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