March 28, 2010

revealing the palms of my hero: grandmom

An image to inspire via dad circa 1970s-ish.

These are the hands of my father's grandmother. A woman who I knew as a child and teen and whom I am blessed to remember clearly. This woman is a role model, a guide, to not only me, but to the generations of women who have followed her.

These are the hands of a woman that one day I hope to be.  An imperfect human working, daily, to create her best life.  I want to be a grandmom: a woman who has used her hands for good: cooking, cleaning, nurturing, nourishing, feeding, growing, preserving, raising, scolding, hugging, folding, washing, bathing, ironing, kneading, patting, smoothing. 

Just a bit of inspiration on this snowy Spring Monday morning.

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