March 23, 2010

…today my world was blanketed in clouds…

…and my heart was wrapped in joy…
Cloudy days in the rooftop of Japan sometimes feel as if I am hiding under my duvet. I had to capture the ceiling on my valley today. The clouds stayed thick and still all day; comforting me, swaddling me, making me feel safe. While grey days can make this Girl feel lonely, today all I felt was love.
Today I started the day walking hand in hand with the love of my life.
I met that same love of mine for lunch at a café in town.
I ate butter toast with marmalade on my lunch date.
I rode bikes with my love back to work once we finished.
As I sit here now listening to the pitter-patter of the rain fall I am smiling because I am loved.

Happily linked up to tuesdays unwrapped being hosted by Emily@ChattingattheSky.


Southern Gal said...

That photograph is amazing. And so are your words.

linda said...

I love cloudy days.


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