March 30, 2010

...unwrapping quitting...

...the members of teamCOTEY have really become a pair of quitters lately...
Just a few things that have fallen off of our list of habits: 
picking our noses
diet soda
secret snacking
being negative
being listless {both literally and figuratively}
being bossy

    It seems like every time we conquer one bad habit we just automatically move on to the next.  Some of these are still in the working on category and certainly we will stumble on the attitude based changes, but the vast majority have become ancient history.  Wahoo!  For a pair of wanderers we are really doing well.

    This Tuesday I would like to unwrap the blessing we have received in being strength for each other.  ManInCharge and I have encouraged, prodded, sometimes even bribed one another and yet, we are not alone on this journey to a more complete family.

    Our greatest motivations to become our better selves are our future children.  For both of us, parenthood is earned.  We are working to deserve it.  And it seems most fitting on this Tuesday in Holy Week that I remember that we have not achieved this alone.

    Sometimes it feels like we're climbing a mountain.  When the toil gets us down, I look back to our last climb & remember - no matter what - the struggle is always worth the view and the journey is always better together. 
 The pictures are from our climb of Fuji-san, August 2009.
Inspired by tuesdays unwrapped usually hosted by Emily@ChattingattheSky, who is wisely taking Holy Week as a holiday from the routine.

*p.s. - this blog is not an announcement - we still have a bit more work to do*

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