March 16, 2010

Unwrapping this Tuesday

Unwrapping Personal Goals:  Today I gave myself the gift of accountability.
I committed to folding 1000 paper cranes on my journey through neutrality into my positive future.  I taught myself to fold them.  I am enjoying the contemplation and creation of these beautiful birds with paper.  Okay.  My birds are not quite beautiful, but I can see my progress, my reflections and my focus in each of them.  These are the pieces of my wish.  With each one I stretch a little closer to my goal.  I hope to finish before I leave Japan and bring them to Sadako Sasaki's statue in Hiroshima.  The realization that in doing so I could realize a dream first imagined in elementary school fills my soul with joy and wonder at the mysteries of this earth.

Unwrapping Admiration:
  Today I watched the Super Rangers. 

These guys are so cheerful and energetic.  They are also training to become part of Japan's elite rescue teams.  They are life savers and watching them practice as I bike home brings me joy.

Unwrapping Competitiveness:  Today I rethought my approach to the NCAA tournament and chose to be less competitive.  I will share more on this later, as soon as I actually update my bracket.  The thought of shifting my focus from irrational competitiveness to cheering for the success of my friends' alma maters makes this year's March Madness one I am really looking forward to. 

Unwrapping Honesty:  Today I threw a tantrum about popcorn and regressed to the age of three, and yet, we survived.  The tantrum does not merit celebration, but the recovery and way forward was a huge victory.

Unwrapping the Source:  I'm happy to have found tuesdays unwrapped being hosted by Emily@ChattingattheSky. Sometimes finding time to relax and enjoy the gifts that I experience within my day is a challenge.  Sometimes focusing on gifts is a challenge, even when I find the time.  I am excited to have found a place to take a moment and unwrap those moments that bring me pleasure.



Get Real Girl said...

I love taking time on Tuesday mornings to read how everyone is unwrapping their day. I really enjoyed your post and a glimpse into into you.

keLi said...

your cranes are beautiful! great post.


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