April 21, 2010

Ankgor Wat by accident...

I don't know what is with me. I am experiencing all kinds of wanderlust nostalgia this week. I suppose it is because I know that in a little more than three months we will once again take flight on our great adventures. It's either saying goodbye to our home for two years, or the fact that LilSis is coming to visit next week. You be the judge. I'm voting that it is LilSis - we are going to live it up on this island.

But as it happens, that is not the topic tonight.  This is:

ManInCharge and I went to Angkor Wat by accident. I chalk this one up to yet another triumph to my Mom's unofficial travel agency. Seriously. She should charge us for her ideas. First there was Ecuador. Then there was Japan. And now I'm going to tell you about Cambodia.

ManInCharge and I planned a summer get away to Thailand last year. We chose Thailand for absolutely NO GOOD REASON. This is generally rule number one with us and we have found that it leads to blockbuster travels. Start out with a destination for which you have no expectations.

When we told Mom where we were going - forty-eight hours before we left - she casually mentioned, "Oh, and you'll scoot over to Cambodia and check out the Angkor Wat, right?"

Ummm...right. Why didn't we think of that?

So like all good travel tips that my mom tosses our way - we took it and ran with it. {Or more accurately we spent $2.50 on tickets and hopped on the train...then spent $25.00 on our visas...and then $5.00 on transport from the Cambodian border to Siem Reap.}

As you can see, we went, we saw, we got a little sunburned. We drank a beer in honor of our travel agent. Then, we continued on our way. The entire two day excursion cost less than $100.00. Really.

We were back in Thailand, which was in itself, a thoroughly excellent ten day break.  But my favorite part of that trip was Cambodia. If I had the chance to choose where to next in this journey, this amazing emerging country would definitely be on the table.

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