April 26, 2010

a dagwood...

What's a dagwood?  
 Why, it's a sandwich.  
It's named after Dagwood of the Dagwood & Blondie cartoon.  

My mom has been making delicious ginormous deli sandwiches for me my whole life.  It is a skill she inherited from her mom, my Nana, who ALSO makes delicious deli sandwiches.  I think it was my Da, my mom's dad who first taught me what I should call a really big sandwich of deliciousness.
 This is ManInCharge with the dagwood from our picnic.  Not quite as gigantic as a true dagwood, but boy was it tasty.  {Though it is not technically a true dagwood because it is on a loaf of french bread instead of a sandwich stack.}  ManInCharge looks a bit funny because he thought I was silly for photographing dinner and its maker.  I was just grateful for the meal!

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