April 24, 2010

date night is on the horizon

Yesterday we ran up the hill behind our house.  There is nothing remarkable about this.  Actually, we were about 15 seconds off of our best time.  I had to tie my shoe on the final uphill.  It was still better than the 9:30 I managed on Wednesday with a fierce headwind.

The reason this run was important was we glimpsed across to our little park.  My greatest fears for the cherry blossoms were relieved.  After we finished our loop we grabbed the camera and scouted the area.  This is what we saw:

Tonight is the big night.  I for one am very excited for our private 花見 {hanami - flower viewing}.  This evening's events will include a little picnic and some relaxing under the blooms as day fades to night.  A real 夜桜 {yozakura - night viewing}.  I am one very happy SillyGirl.  Going on romantic dates with ManInCharge is my favorite hobby.  I feel very blessed to have this man by my side.  For fifteen months of our marriage we couldn't share these simple joys, which makes them even that much more special now.
 In this last picture ManInCharge is thinking about what to pack on our picnic.  We are both very excited!

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