April 18, 2010

Good News!

The snow - it melted.
I was a little worried to be honest.
My fears were not just for my flowers...
though the tulips seem to have survived.
It was more for my toes.
Look at those little guys!
They were just healing and all.
I damaged them by accident last August.
When we climbed Fuji, I thought I had broken a few.
I didn't.
But I did hurt them.
The Autumn marathons didn't help.
On my birthday, I lost a toenail.
Then the Winter came and I discovered how bad the damage was.
I fried my nerves.
I had built up scar tissue in my joints.
And now... my toes have an extra special aversion to cold.

It's normal, I am told.
Normal or not, I don't like it one bit.
Life is no fun.
My toes swell, turn purple and get hard.
They itch, they ache - make no mistake.
No socks will stay on.
The pressure from the cloth makes them feel on fire.
When my toes get cold there is no exercise.
The friction causes blisters.
The pain, while not intense is unbelievably unsettling.
I was so happy for Spring.
I had missed running.
When I saw the snow yesterday morning I thought -
"Oh...my toes..."
Good News!
The snow has melted.
We ran this afternoon.
My toes are not chapped, swollen or discolored.
It's the small things that get me through.
Come on Spring!  I am still rooting for you!
(So are my poor tootsies!)

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