April 27, 2010

loosing it...pencil case edition...

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A confession.

I loose things. I don't ever really permanently loose things. I just put things in 'safe' places and completely loose track of them. Constantly. Usually more than once a day. This trait is so bad that when something is truly lost or *shudder* taken, no one in teamCOTEY believes it until there is no recovering the item. We both simply assume I have 'put away' the missing item.

In order to cope with my constant lack of my: wallet, drivers license, house key, car key, make-up, checkbook, money, cellphone, sunglasses and jacket (or some combination of above items), ManInCharge instituted a ritual to help me keep track of my things. He called it THE CHECK. Oh how I used to dread it, and yet it was the first great compromise I made in our marriage - and it was good. Before we left the house he would make me SHOW HIM all of the items I might not have, but should always have with me. At first I would panic & get a bit fussy. We were often leaving home a few minutes late because I forgot something.

As the months went by, I noticed that the more I consolidated my belongings, the fewer places I would have to collect them from. I changed. All money, ID cards and my checkbook were kept in my wallet. All keys were kept on the same key ring. Make-up was kept in a small case and I began carrying ONE purse - instead of changing them around constantly.

I then realized that if I kept my purse BY THE DOOR, I would never be late leaving. I would have everything ready to go, pick up my bag and roll on out. I stopped leaving the house without money or cellphone or sunglasses. I was becoming organized.

This method of THE CHECK, even though ManInCharge no longer has to physically check me has made me a much more punctual and organized SillyGirl and I love this me.

This purposeful approach to being organized means that the girl that always looses things is almost gone. Instead I have become the girl who rarely forgets those key must have things. Other things? I still loose.

On Thursday I went to grab my flash drive from my purse. I keep it in my pencil case {with my lip gloss and mascara - because I am organized}. Alas. It was not there. I simply assumed my pencil case was at my other school. I left on Wednesday in a mad dash and had forgotten to grab several non-essentials {one of my water bottles and my thermos} - so naturally I guessed my pencil case was on my other desk across the lake.

On Friday I arrived at school to discover no pencil case. I assumed I must have left it at home. A search of our domicile on Friday and Saturday turned up empty. I assumed I left it in one of my classes on Wednesday. On Monday I drew pictures on the blackboard of every homeroom of my school. I wrote a note to match. Eighteen identical drawings and notes:

Terechan's Pencil Case.
She is sad.
It has her mascara.
Now she is not pretty.
Please return.
Candy reward.

I got a bit panic-stricken when I finished my detailed search of the school. This was the first time in a while that this SillyGirl had mislaid something quite so important.

Then. I returned to my visit school. On Tuesday. Today. The very same school where I first discovered that my pencil case was missing. I opened my top desk drawer to get a post-it notes and there it was.  My pencil case was in my desk. In my pen drawer. I didn't even think I was that organized. Imagine - putting something where it belongs.

I feel a bit sheepish about having to explain this to 600 students tomorrow. So. I told you instead.  I am also planning on bringing a lot of chocolate to school tomorrow.  Maybe I will distract them with it.

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