April 8, 2010

Rooting for Spring

An image from last weekend to let you know that this SillyGirl has been out adventuring, not hiding in a cave somewhere.  Onbshira began last Friday and teamCOTEY has been afk a bit more than usual.  The photo above is the third of four logs making impact while being hauled over one of the final hills on its decent down the mountain during the first weekend of the Kamisuwa onbashira.

This weekend is the Shimosuwa opening weekend.  Maybe if you're lucky, and I remain focused, I'll tell you more.  Or just click on the linkie above.  It's more realistic to read about it there since I am feeling rather scattered at the moment.

I am having one of those early Springs where cold and warm spar endlessly.  On Monday it was cold and rainy.  I sat inside under a blanket sipping tea.  On Tuesday I wore shirtsleeves and was a bit sweaty on my cycle home.  Yesterday I wore my galoshes and tucked heaters into my slippers and fleece.  Today I am once again in my fleece, yet wondering if the sun is as warm as it looks from my current vantage point.  I don't think it's just in my neck of the woods, but I would really like the outside temperature to pick a season, and I am rooting for Spring.  **As a disclaimer I should note that I am certain that in a few weeks I will be whinging about the inescapable heat...**

In other news, I am back to sharing my time between two schools.  I love having my week broken up into two worlds.  One of my schools is an academic school and one is a technical high school that focuses on fashion design and mathematics.  I like the change of scenery and experiencing the different environments.  I also like teaching a range of students.  However, my favorite thing about splitting my time between two workplaces is the wardrobe.  Being able to have two days of repeat outfits a week makes getting dressed in the morning a heck of a lot easier.  That's right.  I am a girl who hates picking out clothes.  Today I got up and put on my skirt, shirt and sweater from yesterday.  Fear not fashionistas & mom, I changed my under-roos and tights.  This time saving measure gave me an extra ten minutes this morning to cuddle with the hubs.  It's the little things, right?
 ps - Gomen ne...Sorry for my absence...I missed some posts that I was looking forward to writing.  Alas...I fear they have fallen out of my brain.  Mental space is at a premium.
pps - Good news is ManInCharge has decided...I know where is next.  Yay!

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