April 28, 2010

the sun has risen...and when it sets?

Vacation has begun! I suppose our vacation had begun yesterday, but I always feel like vacation doesn't really start until I wake up on that first morning after sleeping in...

Yeah. About that.

As I write this it is 6:27AM. I was up a while ago. I suppose I am just really excited that LilSis is on her way across the Pacific as i type this. Or. It could be a sign that its time to get my eyes checked. When I woke, I looked down at my watch and saw 7:47 - as clear and bright as the sun fighting through our shoji screens. I actually thought "Score! I slept in an hour."

I am sure you are wondering: "SillyGirl, why are you telling us this instead of going back to bed?" Well. Because my eyes only adjusted to the actual time AFTER I had started my coffee. I couldn't waste a perfectly good morning pot of coffee, now could I? So here I am. Blogging. Drinking my coffee.  That's right.  I won't go back to bed because I don't want to waste my fresh brewed Joe.  Maybe I will head back after I finish my cup.

On the plus side, I did decide to track LilSis's flight and they are currently twenty minutes ahead of schedule. Nothing would make me happier for Delta to hurry its butt up and get her here an hour early. When we scheduled this trip I arranged for her to be arriving around noon. Then Delta and Northwest completed their merger and cancelled the early flight and poor LilSis got bumped to the late flight. That's okay. She's still on her way!

I wanted to show her a bit of Tokyo before the sun went down.  Hopefully the sun goes down a bit later than it does here in the mountains and we are able to make that happen.  If it does, I am sure we will just go get strawberry parfaits at a Fujiya cafe.  I do that whenever I am disappointed in Tokyo, it cures what ails every time.
Last Tokyo Sunset in 2006, originally uploaded by /\ltus.
More specifically I wanted to watch the sunset from the top of a skycraper. We caught it PERFECTLY with ManInCharge's LilBro and oh how I want to experience that once more. Nothing like the skyline of Tokyo with a pink Fuji in the background as the sun slips beyond view.

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