May 24, 2010


Today's to do list was movable.

See what I mean?

Boxes to mail. {check}
Groceries to purchase. {check}
Laundry to wash/dry/fold/put away. {check, check, check, ...uh, on my way...}

A big part of me wanted to sit at home and sip tea while reading my next book.  But we were out of tea and so I put my rain boots on and set out.

{A quick note on the boots.  I thought I was being frivolous when I insisted on packing them two years ago and they have been hands down the BEST, MOST USEFUL THING I brought to Japan.}

My first stop was to pick up monetary reinforcements from Phil.  Next I dashed into the laundromat.  Business was brisk due to the rainy weather - everyone in town was using the dryers.  {It is fairly rare for single families in Japan to have clothes dryers - most folks use the sun - and the sun has gone AWOL.}  I threw our load in the machine and set it spinning.

Then on to the post office.  I love the Japanese postal system.  It was busy, but there was no line.  There is never a line.  This is something I will miss.  The folks behind the desk recognize me at this point and were all smiles.  I was able to locate the surface mail forms, fill them out and mail all three boxes.  It felt good to be waving goodbye to my coats.  I was a bit nervous when filling out the form but am hopeful that in two months, after a fabulous Pacific cruise, our parcels will arrive on my parents' doorstep just about the time we are knocking, too.

Then it was time for a quick dash back to the laundromat.  The washing machine buzzed as I walked in the door.  I slipped our now clean but wet clothes into the last unoccupied dryer and scooted out once more.

Grocery shopping almost conquered me.  I ended up traveling to five different stores before finding the right combination of decent looking meat, passable lettuce and reasonably fresh vegetables.  In the middle of this grocery disaster I trekked back to the laundromat and folded up our laundered gear and tossed that back into the car.  I saw my first box of peaches today and got excited - Japanese peaches are divine.  It was close to $40.00 for 4.  I'll wait a few more weeks, when they will be priced appropriately.  Sometimes it's just not worth being the first. 

I got home in time to put everything away and shuck the corn {yay - fresh corn on the cob} before I turned around and picked up Phil.  The rain continued to come down all day.  There were landslides in the West of Japan today - close to Kobe - far from us.  With the amount of water that has fallen in the last 48 hours it doesn't surprise me.     Our weather has taken us from heatwave to flood in three days.

Stephanie, Metropolitan Mama, asked what novel I had just finished this morning.  It was An Artist of the Floating World by Kazou Ishiguro {author of The Remains of the Day}.  The story takes place in post-World War II Japan from the view point of an aging artist.  It was one of my remaining decent reads.  I was sad to reach the end.   As my stock of books dwindles to unprecedented levels {I have less than half a dozen now...eek!} I have begun to ration reading time.  Thank goodness it takes me all day to accomplish three chores, I don't want to run out of books before we head back to the land of easy access to English language libraries!

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